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Optimise provides sports massage therapy, physiotherapy,

personalized training solutions – at home, in our studio, or a combination of both,

nutrition coaching, small group training (6 participants maximum), body transformation, and even breathwork and earthing/grounding.

We are a holistic fitness–health provider as we believe health starts with self.

With our help, you will take control of your fitness and optimise your body function, which will lead to the healthiest possible version of you!

Our mission is to help you live a fit, healthy life, sleep soundly, eat nutritiously, and do the right exercises, for you. In fact, from building a new and improved nutritional approach, to understanding your sleep patterns and exercise preferences, everything we do is about and what will best work for you.






Senior Coach

Darren holds a Master of Science from the University of Liverpool (UK) in nutrition and exercise.
He’s a qualified personal trainer and CrossFit Coach.
Darren previously founded UFIT Singapore and Sunrise CrossFit on Koh Samui.  


Kate is a qualified massage therapist via the Banyan Tree Academy.
She is a highly accomplished yoga practitioner and is also a qualified Optimise Personal Fitness Coach. She posts frequently on IG highlighting her diverse healthy cooking skills.
Khun Kate talks the talk and walks the walk!

Head of Physiotherapy

Khun Mimi specializes in illness and injury rehab working closely with the fitness coaching team to ensure optimum outcomes for every client.


Thanya works as the Optimise receptionist and also helps out with Social Media.
Thanya is also a qualified massage therapist and is always eager to assist you in the studio.

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