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At Optimise we subscribe to the Performance Pyramid.

On the third level of the Optimise Performance Pyramid is Body Maintenance.


Nurturing your physical capabilities as a human is paramount to the process of optimisation. In undertaking this process many beneficial effects take place including but not limited to hormonal balance, retention of muscle mass, joint mobility and stability, increased neuromuscular adaptations and more.


First base is assessments (manual, visual) and during this part of the process limitations can be identified that sometimes need treatment via physiotherapy or sports massage.


Injuries, illness and surgeries also need rehabilitation and physiotherapy is an important part of that too.


Optimise has all the modern equipment required being Shockwave therapy, Ultrasound and Red Light Therapy.


Integral to our governing philosophy around fitness and health, the physiotherapy team frequently utilises the fully equipped exercise Studio as clients progress to the functional component of their journey back to fitness.


Optimise is a Thai Government licensed physiotherapy provider so your insurance will cover fees from Optimise, dependent upon your individual plan and provider.


Starting from 1,000THB Per Session


Starting from 750THB Per Session


Starting from 650THB Per Session

Contact us for more information.

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